There once was a boy
There once was a boy named Jimmy. Jimmy was 8 years old old, almost 9. Jimmy NEVER got in trouble. So one day, he was doing art with his class at school and he broke the purple plate. His teacher said "Jimmy! You broke the purple plate! Go to the office!" So Jimmy went to the office, as he was told. When he got there, the principal asked him, "Hi there little Jimmy! Why are you here??" Jimmy told him about how he broke the purple plate. The principal said, "YOU ARE EXPELLED!" so Jimmy went home and told his dad about how he was expelled. His dad told him that he had to go live with the hobos because he broke the purple plate. Feeling glum, Jimmy went to live with the hobos. After a few days, he developed a good friendship with a man named Martin. He had purple eyes, which Jimmy thought was strange... One day, Martin gave Jimmy a dollar and told him to go buy some milk at the convenient store across the street. So Jimmy walked across the street and was his by a truck and died.

What was the moral of this story?
Look both ways before you cross the street or you will get hit by a truck.
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